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Shoulder &Head

Benefits: Rejuvenating. Relieves stress. Reduces anxiety. Increases well being. Total relaxation.

Duration & Price: 50min ¥12,800, 80min ¥14,700

* 80min includes our renowned CBD Shirodara



For the Active Modern Women

Body & Head

Benefits: Stimulates lymphatic and circulatory systems. Improves range of motion. Reduces recovery time.

Duration & Price: 50min ¥21,800, 80min ¥25,400, 110min ¥29,000 

* 80min & 110min includes our renowned CBD Shirodara



Enhance the Inner Glow your skin, smile, and soul

Facial (Facial Lift or Skin Detox)
* Choose your focus (a) Facial Lift or (b) Skin Detox

(a) Facial Lift Benefits: Reduces puffiness. Facial lift & enhance face shape.
(b) Skin Detox Benefits: Reduce skin inflammation & rejuvenate your skin.

Duration & Price: 50min ¥21,800, 80min ¥23,800, 110min ¥26,800 


How to Make a Reservation

1. Make a new email to"hello@amiracbd.jp".
2. Copy & Paste the below
3. Update the information in bold and send💚

Title: Request for Reservation 🌿✨

Hi Amira CBD Spa,

I want to make a reservation with details below

1. Full Name (First, Last) 
Course Name (Ritual, Relief, Glow - Facial Lift or Skin Detox)
3. Duration (50, 80, or 110min)
4. 3 preferred Time-Slots (1. MM/DD, 2. MM/DD, 3. MM/DD)
5.  Please let us know if have/are
       a. Pregnant (Yes or No)
       b. Skin trouble (Yes or No)
       c. Anything you would like us for to know in advance

Best regards,
Your Name 💚